Japan: 6 weird and wonderful services just for women

1. Butler cafes

1. 男管家咖啡馆

Get treated like a princess in the female-friendly version of Japan’s popular cosplay-inspired maid cafes. Butler cafes (and one that boasts “foreign” butlers where the staff all speak English) allow women to be waited on hand and foot by their very own prince charming in a castle-themed restaurant. Guests can also choose to have their photograph taken being lifted up in the arms of the dashing and debonaire butlers for Y1,500.

灵感源于cosplay的“女仆咖啡馆”(maid cafes)又有了男仆版。专为女性顾客而开的“男管家咖啡馆”(butler cafes)(其中一家提供全英文服务的咖啡馆更以“老外”男管家为卖点)让女士们可以在这里过一把“公主瘾”,置身城堡主题餐厅,享受专属“王子管家”的贴心服务。额外支付1500日元(约合人民币80元),女士们还能享受“公主抱”,并与英俊潇洒的男管家的拍照留念,记下这一精彩瞬间。

2. The nap cafe

2. 午睡咖啡馆

Dedicated to those in need of a power-nap, Tokyo’s Nap Cafe Corne offers Japanese women the chance to grab some sleep in a man-free zone. Designed for ladies wanting a break from their busy working schedule, the nap cafe opens on weekdays between 8am and 6pm to provide comfy sleeping quarters, and a choice of pillow, at the small charge of Y150 per 10 minutes.

位于东京的“午睡咖啡馆”(Nap Cafe Corne)为需要午睡的女士们提供了机会。这家“男士免进”的咖啡馆专为工作繁忙的女白领设计,方便她们利用工作空隙小睡充电。“午睡咖啡馆”工作日早八点到晚六点开放,收费标准为10分钟150日元(约合人民币8元)。温馨舒适的“小睡室”内,顾客还可以根据自己的需求选择适合自己的枕头。

3. Women only train carriages

3. 女性专用车厢

In 2005, the problem of persistent groping on public transport forced officials to open women-only carriages on Tokyo’s underground and private trains. The carriages, marked with pink “Women Only” stickers printed in Japanese and English, were introduced after alternative measures – such as posting warning signs and plain-clothes female police officers – failed to reduce sexual.

为防范屡禁不止的“咸猪手”,2005年,日本当局在东京的火车或地铁列车上设立了“只限女性使用”的车厢,并贴有日英双语的粉色“女性专用车”(Women Only)字样。此前,当局曾尝试张贴警示标志和增派女性便衣警察等措施,都没能减少列车性骚扰,最后才不得不设立“女性专用车厢”。

4. Anti-loneliness cafes

4. 抗孤独咖啡馆

Table for one? Visit the new crop of restaurants consoling lonely diners with a spot of company in the form of a giant stuffed animal. Aimed at ohitorisama or “singletons”, a word commonly used in Japan to refer to unmarried women, the Moomin Cafe in Tokyo seats solo customers opposite cuddly toys based on the characters from Finland’s Moomin books. The cafe has been so popular, there are now plans to export the concept to New York.

担心一个人用餐太孤独?快来“姆明咖啡馆”(Moomin Cafe)吧!坐在你对面的大玩偶饭友定会让你不再孤单。这家咖啡屋以芬兰卡通形象“姆明”为主题,专为单身女性(日语为ohitorisama)开设。如今,“抗孤独咖啡馆”在日本大受欢迎,更有在纽约开设连锁店的计划。

5. Communal living areas

5. 单身妈妈公寓

Shared living facilities are commonplace in Tokyo, but an establishment built solely to house single mothers opened last year in Osaka’s port district. For young mothers and divorcees who lack the resources to live alone, Mon Place offers affordable accommodation at around Y40,000 per month, and requires no guarantors or down-payments.

合住公寓在东京早已是家常便饭,2013年,大阪市(Osaka)港区专门为单身妈妈们建了一座名为“Mom Palace”的单身妈妈公寓,为没有经济能力独立生活的年轻妈妈和离异妈妈提供便利。该公寓月租金在4万日元(约合人民币2150元)上下,不需要担保人,也不需要支付定金。

6. Rent-a-boyfriend services

6. 男友租赁服务

Non-sexual rent-a-date services for men have been popular for years in Japan, but now women are getting in on the action. Soine-ya Prime offers a range of handsome male “cuddle partners” for hire: women can opt for a peaceful night’s sleep in their companion’s arms or a “Date Plan”, where they can pick from a range of activities such as enjoying a meal or watching the sun set. Male “host clubs” are also becoming increasingly popular among Tokyo businesswomen, who pay an hourly fee to drink, talk and flirt with attractive men.

近年来,女友租赁服务(不涉及任何性行为)在日本一直颇为流行。而今,男友租赁服务又为女士们带来了福音。日本Soine-ya Prime公司专为女性提供出租花样美男“陪睡”的服务。女士们可以选择在美男臂弯里一夜好眠,也可以从吃大餐、看日落等“约会计划”中挑选自己中意的方式,与美男共赴浪漫约会。这种租赁服务在东京商界女性中也越来越流行。她们常与美男们喝酒、聊天或调情,按小时付费。

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